It’s time for the full picture – behold, the concept art!

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It’s time to stop playing games, halt the suspense, release you from your anticip…… and show you the full first piece of concept art we completed for the game. (…ation).

Game 1 - Concept Art

Game 1 – Concept Art

This is two of the characters that you can choose to play as in Game 1. I drew this, but our actual official artist has been working on this for quite some time now, and what he came up with is much more fleshed out and stylized than this. We’ll share that with you soon.

Here’s an experimental color version, while I was just trying to get a better feel for the color palette, art-style and tone. (The final version draws on this, but doesn’t look much like it 🙂 )

Game 1 Concept Art - Experimental Colors

Game 1 Concept Art – Experimental Colors

The way this was done is loosely based on a technique that Aron Lusen showed my husband Simon a while back when he was working with him at X-Ray Kid Studios. It’s not in the same league, but it’s the same idea – once you have the ink layer done, you scan it in, and in Photoshop you color each of the pieces in a hidden layer that you never see – and each area to fill in becomes a different color. Then you can use those color patches as masks (magic wand select with a tolerance of 0), paint each one whatever color you like, and it never spills over the lines – or other areas you’ve already colored in.

So. Girls. Guns. Monsters. What more could you ask for? ?

Okay, that’s not much to go on. The game really could be anything right now. A little 60s? Sure. A little 70s? Absolutely. Foxxy Games has to be Foxxy in every sense of the word. But the actual genre?

We’ll let you know more on the next post.

Oh yes… before I go, just one more thing…

We have a prototype up and running. We’ve actually had one for some time now – Kostya’s really that good. It’s fast, frenetic, and it’ll test your knowledge. Even better, it’s already just the right balance of frustrating enough that you keep wanting to play it over and over to get through the levels.

We might even share a snippet of the in-game music with you on the next post.

So until next time,

– ❤? Darci

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