We’re making progress… and we’re about to start sharing it with you…

Foxxy Games   June 25, 2016   Comments Off on We’re making progress… and we’re about to start sharing it with you…

We’re going to start sharing what we’re working on soon… we have things…

Cool things to show you.

Cool things to listen to.

Cool things to play.

I’m sorry that we vanished for a while – we had to go quiet for a bit while we worked on the game…

Kostya has been really busy programming the game. (I’ve been programming too – I wrote my first ever computer program this week. It just took my name, and printed it back out for me on the screen. It’s stupid, and doesn’t do much of anything, but I wrote it!)

Artists have been drawing art. Composers have been composing music.

So our little period of going dark? That’s about to change 😀

In the spirit of that, here’s a teaser from the game – some of the concept art that I drew:

Game #1 - you tease!

Game #1 – you tease!

We’ll show you more soon. And you know what else?

Maybe… just maybe… we’re about ready to start letting you know the kind of game that we’re working on.

You already know that we’re focusing on casual games first. Our first game is an experiment, to see if we can do this and work together well. So it’s small, and simple, … but! It’s fun. Very fun. Slightly frustrating in all the right ways, very more-ish, and a little bit of funk.

When I decided to leave Camouflaj, it was a big leap of faith on my part, on Kostya’s part, on my family’s part that we could do this. Some of my experiences in the games industry taught me that I could, and some of those experiences made me doubt it was possible. Some day – when we have more time – I’ll share those experiences with you.

Are you excited? We hope so! We certainly are!

So here’s to Game #1! Let’s craft a spell and make it real.


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