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SEATTLE, WA — May 5th, 2016 — On Friday, Senior Producer and industry veteran Darci Morales announced her departure from République-developer Camouflaj, after the successful Japanese launch of the Playstation 4 version of the game. Her reason? To start a new female-run independent video-game company, focusing on the casual and mobile games markets.

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Why now? When asked, Morales said “The timing was right. I’ve had a dream of starting my own games company for eight years.”

What will happen with Camouflaj? “I’ve always had immense loyalty and dedication to the teams I’ve worked with, but as République has now shipped on all major platforms, I felt that my work here was done. It’s the right time to exit. The Camouflaj team is an amazingly talented and dedicated group of people, and they will go on to great things with their future projects”.

Darci is well-connected and well-known in the video-game industry, having worked on many titles for major studios during her career. When asked who she would be partnering with on this venture, she declined to answer.

“With any new venture, we all rely on our friends from over the years to help make our dreams come true. Nothing ever happens in a vacuum. But the reality is – we’re a start-up, and while I’d love to flip a switch and instantly fund a 100-person studio, that’s unlikely to happen in the near term. We have some interesting plans in the works, and we’ll be announcing one of our partners very soon.”

Foxxy Games will be initially focusing on the casual and mobile free-to-play videogame markets. The reason why? Simplicity. “I’m experienced with producing games in the AAA space with teams of hundreds of people, but those budgets quickly run in the tens of millions of dollars – or more. With the popularity of mobile gaming, a small team that is agile can quickly put together popular titles without incurring the costs of a larger AAA-studio,” said Morales, adding “I’m not ruling out console games in the future – my first love lies in games that tell a compelling story with a rich narrative.”

From console games to mobile… and back again? It’s a journey that should be fascinating to see play out over the next few years.

About Darci Morales

Darci Morales has shipped over thirty video-game titles on video-game consoles, PC, and mobile platforms over her 18-year career. Titles she has worked on include République (Camouflaj/Gung Ho), This Is Vegas (Surreal/Midway Games Seattle), Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition (Rockstar San Diego), The Suffering: Ties That Bind (Surreal/Midway Games Seattle), Tornado Outbreak (Loose-Cannon Studios/Konami) and Red Dead Revolver (Rockstar San Diego).

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About Foxxy Games

Foxxy Games is a female-run, independent video-game company headed by Darci Morales (République, The Suffering: Ties That Bind, Tornado Outbreak, This Is Vegas, Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition). They plan to initially develop addictive puzzle and casual games for mobile platforms, expanding later to other markets

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